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We can help you turn a profit
in publishing in weeks

We build winning crowdfunding campaigns for brilliant books.

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We grow online communities for authors, publishers and arts organisations.

Thinking of running a crowdfunder for your new book?

We've been there.  

Crowdfunding campaigns, like Kickstarter, look enticing but there's more to it than first appears.  We built a crowdfunding platform for books.  You can use it today.

61% of Kickstarter projects fail.

100% of our campaigns succeed.

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What We Do

what we do


We don't just grow mailing lists, but we can help forge a community who shares your mission.  


Our seed-funding strategies bring in revenues to superpower projects from concept through to publication and beyond.  We are specialists in crowdfunding, commercial partnerships and community building.


We work on bringing publishing projects to life - helping extract full creative potential from the book, from podcasts and videos through to  audience collaborations and digital interactivity.

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Our philosophy is that you should take risks on the things that matter:  creative initiative, new talent, radical ideas.

However, you should not have to take risks on commercial factors - print runs, paying design costs up front. 

With our strategy, we help publishers and authors launch their books before they have had to incur any major costs.  We help raise the funds to pay for print runs, design, licensing and marketing budgets.  

a fast start

We can work on projects of any shape and size.  Our biggest strength is our ability to adapt to new challenges.  We can get a project funded in less than six weeks.

We help design, map out a strategy, build the platform and launch within days.  

We're not just a crowdfunder.  We offer so much more.  Our campaigns and strategies are tailored to your project - if we need more time, we take it.  If we need to run multiple campaigns to reach the goal - we do it.  

Our Current Projects
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our work

editorial nascimento

Latin America's oldest publishing house is re-starting.

Don Carlos George-Nascimento founded Latin America's first publishing house, Editorial Nascimento, in Santiago, Chile in 1917. He published literary superstars including Pablo Neruda, Gabriela Mistral and Nicanor Parra. 

Novus Arts is working closely with Pablo and his international team on their first title in over 35 years, Re-Nascimento: Horizon Eyes.

Who We Work With

who we
work with


We publish and co-publish with authors, assisting with editorial, design, printing, distribution and seed-funding on projects.  


We help publishers seed-fund their projects, researching, designing, planning and managing the campaigns to deliver profits and superpower their projects to become a success with their readership.

arts orgs

Our work also extends to arts organisations - from charities to educational enterprises.  We publish, design, and help develop strategies for organisations to grow their communities organically and raise income from exciting projects.

Speak to us


We are highly experienced publishing professionals and we understand how the industry works... and doesn't work.  We are happy to have a quibble-free chat about any aspect of what we do - whether that's asking us about whether crowdfunding is right for you, how to grow your community and diversify your revenues or helping you publish a brilliant book.

What would you like to talk about?

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