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We can help authors who want to get their book made.  Our strategies are all targeted towards making books.  If you're an author with an idea, we can help map out a plan to bring your book from concept to reality.  We can be your publishers.

We give authors way above the industry standard royalty rate for direct-to-market sales.  

We don't simply replace traditional publishers, though, as once we've help seed-fund and launch your book, we can use its success to broker a deal with a bigger publisher, or take it to the trade ourselves. 


What we care about is helping you tell your story.

Step 1:
Research and Plan

We carry out detailed research helping us understand what is possible with the project, proposing ideas, timescales and plans.

Step 2:
Build and Design

We build not only the digital platform, but oversee the development of all the campaign materials – videos, graphics, copy to design a campaign that will work.

Step 3:

We oversee and orchestrate the live campaign, setting goals and targets, measuring data and adjusting the campaign where necessary.

We help not only fulfilling orders and help the book be published, but we think about the next step which may be building a community from backers or selling the book to trade publishing.

Step 4:
Publish and Beyond...

how does it work?

Here is an example of a typical project with timescales.

Day 1

You pitch a project to us by contacting us through this website.  We can read your overview and if we feel its worth a conversation, we will set up a call to discuss.

Day 5

We agree to take on your project and we sign contracts to work with one another - including what you'll get as a royalty %.

Days 5 - 15


We research, plan and begin to build your campaign.  We put together web designs, book mock ups, and create a campaign strategy with targets.

Days 16 - 50

We launch the campaign and help bring in traffic from social media, partners and contacts.  We monitor the data very closely to maximise visitors converting to purchase your book.

Days 51 - 70

Once the campaign has ended and we have helped reach the goal, we will co-ordinate the work to complete the book.  This can include final designs, edits and printing.

We will pay you your royalty % from the revenue generated.

Days 71 +


When the book is printed, we will oversee fulfilment to all customers to ensure they get their book.  We will promote the book to sell into bookshops and begin a strategy to take the book into the trade publishing (all major bookshops, international sales, Amazon, etc.)

Get in touch and tell us about your amazing new book!

Thanks for submitting!

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