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We can help you build a successful crowdfunding campaign.


We plan

We can speak to you and your team in a free, no-obligation call to understand your project and your aims.

The next step is for us to produce a thorough project plan.  This includes:

  • a fully-costed financial plan;

  • product options and backer options;

  • detailed market analysis including campaign data from competitors;

  • marketing strategy;

  • cross-media options;

  • partnership strategy;

  • a day-by-day campaign strategy;

  • production timetable;

  • legacy options - including community development.

We will present this plan to you with a digital pdf copy. 

Business Plan

We can help co-ordinate your crowdfunding campaign from start to finish. 


We know how much work is involved, we understand the challenges and we can help you overcome obstacles to ensure you reach your goal.

Our services include:

  • campaign co-ordination;

  • campaign marketing management;

  • customer management.

We can help run your campaign on our own platform Inkubation.  Or we can build a bespoke crowdfunding platform just for your project.


We can also run your campaign on Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Crowdfunder.

We only take an agreed % of your campaign's raise to cover our costs, giving you the peace of mind that we're as dedicated to the project's success as you will be.


we campaign

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