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Mitigate Risk & Maximise Returns

We have may years of experience in publishing and we understand the realities.  We have worked in many areas of trade and direct-to-market publishing, including art books, illustrated books, children's books and a variety of very unusual publishing projects.  We understand the frustration and hurdles many publishers face with the traditional trade business model.

We are proposing another way.

With the Novus Arts approach you can launch individual titles or entire collections, discover the commercial potential, and not have to invest in print runs, or even design and editing costs.  Novus Arts can help uncork the creative potential, and then build and run a seed-funding campaign with you to provide the budget for the project before it is launched.

What we do for Publishers

Research & Plan

We carry out detailed research into your proposed project, and help plan the various possibilities both creatively and commercially.

Design & Build

We devise a detailed strategy, build your platform and campaign to drive towards the targets set.


We can help manage the campaign from start to finish, overseeing marketing, promotion,  and partnerships.


We help build a detailed understanding of your audience with both quantitative data and surveys.


Novus Arts offers a new way to sustainably publish, prioritising quality over quantity, protecting your profit margins and concentrating efforts on direct to market sales and building a community.  

Our community-building strategies use seed-funding as a catalyst for sustainable growth without the need for investment.  

Members not only provide another source of sustainable revenue, they can help you perfect projects as you develop them by providing valuable data and feedback, and their enthusiasm can give your publishing projects the strongest starts.  

The community's efforts can bring better projects to life, which, in turn, will enthuse readers whom wish to join the tribe.  







We're happy to speak to Publishers about any way we can help.

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