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Novus Arts has a 4-step process for managing projects from beginning to end.  This is a comprehensive approach, and we can collaborate and share resources and responsibilities depending on your needs.

Step 1

In the first phase of managing your project, we call upon our data, our researchers and creatives to put together a compelling strategy for your project - directly feeding into your businesses broader aims.


We will conduct detailed research into you project, analysing case studies, speaking to experts and trying to understand the range of possibilities.


Now we get creative.  With a good understanding of your project and of the market, we can start looking at all creative possibilities for your project.  We'll look at everything - from the way the book is produced and manufactured, to video and interactive possibilities and audience events.  


We put together a detailed plan, mapping out the project from start to finish.

Step 2

Armed with research findings, a collection of exciting ideas and a plan, we can begin to build and design both the digital platform for the project and the essential toolkit to carry it out.


Our team of web designers will put together a platform that can be home for your project.  This can be a bespoke site, an app or be integrated within your existing web platform.


We have a great deal of experience in designing web platforms and campaigns which convert.  Our designers and illustrators can make beautiful graphics, videos, audio products to truly sell the concept to the audience.

Step 3

Now it is time to campaign and put your project to the test.  We can help you manage a flexible seed-funding campaign which can include:

  • crowdfunding campaigns

  • commercial sponsorships

  • community subscriptions


We can help orchestrate your seed-funding campaign, helping co-ordinate the marketing strategy and driving revenues.


Fundamental to the Novus Arts approach is building data capture into the campaign - we can help you find out your audience's interests and thoughts, as well as helping you refine and iterate your project.

Step 4

Once your campaign has finished, we aim to have a commercially viable product, enough sales to return a profit and a data map which can help you navigate to future successes.

Yet this is just the beginning.  Novus Art's final step is the legacy of the project.  We can help  you take it to traditional trade publishing, multi-media spin-offs or begin a new project under the same framework.  

We can help build on the momentum of the project in order for it be a catalyst for a closer relationship between you and your audience.


We can help make the most of the technology we have built for you to be integrated more closely with your business.



With the findings from the data campaign, we can help you identify new opportunities for creative and business development with your core audience.

A natural journey for seed-funding campaigns is to grow your backers and patrons into your own community.  We can you establish the platform and tools to capture this community and either bring in additional revenues through subscriptions or up-selling, or establish this as a fanbase that can help launch new projects.

Speak to us


We are highly experienced publishing professionals and we understand how the industry works... and doesn't work.  We are happy to have a quibble-free chat about any aspect of what we do - whether that's asking us about whether crowdfunding is right for you, how to grow your community and diversify your revenues or helping you publish a brilliant book.

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